Wondrose Sugar Replacer

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We dreamed of a great-tasting low-carb sweetener. Now it’s real. Introducing Wondrose, the best-tasting, zero net carb sweetener on the planet.

Wondrose is the answer to our quest for a perfect low carb sugar substitute. This patent-pending sweetener can be used 1-to-1 in place of sugar in your coffee, tea, cookies, puddings, monkey bread, BBQ sauces, lemonade, or anywhere else you want a clean, sweet flavor. It browns like sugar and can even make caramel. Plus, it’s full of prebiotic fiber that can make a gut happy and healthy.

You’ll be amazed by Wondrose, the clean-tasting alternative to sugar with zero net carbs per serving.

  • 75% fewer calories than sugar
  • Pure, clean tasting natural sweetener: a blend of erythritol, fiber & monk fruit 
  • Easy and versatile, use it in your favorite recipes & drinks!
  • Sugar free, keto friendly, diabetic friendly, gluten free, dairy free, vegan 

Granulated, 10.5 oz Replaces 1 Lb of Sugar
Keto and Co’s mission is to make healthy, low carb food convenient and delicious. We made Wondrose so everyone could enjoy a natural sweetener with zero net carbs that tastes and bakes like sugar.